He flips her over so hes lying on top of her, forearms holding his weight up

He flips her over so hes lying on top of her, forearms holding his weight up

“Youve been so good.” He tells her, pulling down her bottom lip with one of his thumbs, he speeds up the pace of his finger, “Such a good girl, havent you been?” Y/N nods frantically, eyes almost watering with want. Shes tempted to lean down and just take a little taste of him in her mouth but he holds her face in place.

He takes one arm off the bed briefly to open the drawer next to him and feel around for any condoms, but hes met with nothing. And then he remembers that he probably threw the rest out because they were expired a while ago.Hes flustered and clueless, not wanting to be irresponsible but then she chirps out a small, “Im on the pill”, and he leans forward to connect his lips to hers roughly once again.

Her arms fall onto his chest and she sinks onto the rest of his length, feeling him deeper than she had been

“He opens her legs with his hand, lying them apart as he lifts one up to rest on his shoulder. pressing his finger into her and slicking it across her folds, he grabs at his length, placing the head right where shes at.

“Do you want this?” he asks just to be sure. She nods rapidly and he slowly pushes the head inside of her.

“Holy shit.” He throws his head back at the feeling, he hadnt done anything similar in. while, and even then it didnt feel like it did now. It was… different now, and he cant tell if its because its Y/N or its because hes absolutely smitten.

They both moan loudly, Y/N gasping as he slides out and enters again. The more he repeats his actions, the more of a sense of urgency he develops, thrusting into her harder and more needily. She continues to let New York installment loans out loud moans, trying to keep quiet since she knows someone else is in the flat but not being able to contain herself.

Harry watches as Y/N bites her lip, eyes squeezing shut while her hands reach up to Harrys hair to tangle her fingers into the plush brown roots. She pulls at his hair and he groans, placing kisses against her collarbones as he fucks into her.

Abruptly though, Y/N grips onto the sheets beside of them, lowering the leg hes holding up before using all of her strength to flip his back onto the mattress.

Harry feels like hes in the best dream hes ever had, not only because she feels amazing sinking on and off of his cock like she is doing, but also because shes simply there, breasts bouncing as she parts her pink lips to moan out his name like that. He digs his hands into her hips, helping her bounce up and down his cock as they both near their orgasms.

But he doesnt have time to ponder on the thought because she grabs at his lower back and pulls him in completely

Y/N grabs one of Harrys hands, intertwining them and placing them right by his head as she rides him more intensely. She places his other hand onto where they meet, placing a finger on her clit to show him what she wants him to do. He begins rubbing soft circles into her, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. His entire body burns as hes nearly tipped over, taking their intertwined hands and kissing at the back of hers.

“Im -“ She starts, “Fuck” she moans out, bouncing a little sloppier. Harrys at the brim, as close to tipping over as he could possibly be without cumming right there.

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