I never thought a dating site could change someone’s life so substantially before I used NoStringsAttached

I never thought a dating site could change someone’s life so substantially before I used NoStringsAttached

Useful Tips

  • Make Calls Through Site: If you’re going to make calls to your mistress, only do it through the site, where the numbers can’t be traced. It’s the best possible way to talk to your mistress without rousing suspicion from your wife – you aren’t tying up the phones at home, you aren’t leaving any traces of talking to another woman, and she can’t find out who you were talking to. Trust me, you don’t want to risk it.
  • Don’t Use At Home: Don’t sign into the site on your home computer, that’s just asking for trouble. Save your usage for at work or when you know your wife won’t be around, you can use your mobile devices, but make sure you delete your browser history, especially if it’s a device that your wife uses too.


There were a couple of things that I felt took away from the site a little bit, but not in a way that made me want to stop or discontinue using the site at all.

  • Too Many Members: There are over a million members on this affair site, and that’s just too many for one person to search from. It’s overwhelming to know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of members that you could meet, but you never will because how can you find all of the perfect matches out of those? The site features definitely help, but I still felt like it was a lot.
  • Requires New Email To Join: The site requires you to make a new email address to join the site, which was inconvenient, but also a good thing. I’m torn about this one, because I thought it would make my wife suspicious if she knew I had another email address, but at the same time, she would never find out unless I gave it to her. So it makes hiding your tracks that much easier.

It’s opened my eyes to so much about women. I understand my wife so much better; our marriage is better than it’s been in years and it’s all because of the affairs that I’ve had on this site. Never say that nothing good can come out of having an affair, but it most definitely can!

Joining The Affair Dating Site

I actually had some fun signing up for NoStringsAttached. I tried to focus more on the humorous side of affair dating while trying to also do it, which can be tricky, but it worked like a charm! Ladies love to laugh, what can I say? Anyway, I put some terrible jokes in my profile, added some pictures that I thought showcased a bit of my personality, and upgraded to the premium membership. I wanted full access to everything that the site had to offer, so I decided going in that I would do this. All in all, I think the whole process took me Myladyboydate login a total of 15 minutes.


I’m ecstatic with my results on the site, in that I actually have some! I’m having an affair, and I went out with another lovely young woman, and I’ve only been a member for going on a month now. Those are speedy results; I expected to have to browse the site and chat with women for a couple of weeks before meeting anyone in person, but I had my first affair date with a women from the site the following week after joining! I got a ton of messages as well, which I think was because I made it clear that I’m a guy who enjoys a good sense of humor, and that seems to draw in the ladies.

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