Kate Szer Kurtin, Ca Condition School, La

Kate Szer Kurtin, Ca Condition School, La

Stretching look towards the growth of parasocial matchmaking (PSR), today’s analysis suits toward a lengthy distinct browse beginning which have Rubin and you can McHugh’s (1987) seminal performs examining the newest exactly how interaction, liking, and closeness collaborate as the people mode dating that have mediated letters. The modern study applied Ruben and you may McHugh’s design into book connection consumers feel making use of their favourite musicians. Architectural formula modeling indicates that these types of parasocial matchmaking having musicians and artists disagree of those in the past discover with old-fashioned media letters. The latest model confirms one tunes admirers develop parasocial relationships having painters, along with strengthen earlier in the day findings you to definitely exposure try a powerful predictor away from actual attraction. The outcomes offer excuse for extending the new theoretical expectations of parasocial relationship in order to performers.


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Nina F O’Brien, California Condition College, Los angeles

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