NEVER make the escort ask for money

NEVER make the escort ask for money

3. They are providing a service after all. Please refrain from making your donation until the end of your visit. Place it in plain site, and please do not put it in an envelope. I want to make sure you are happy with our time together before I accept your donation. Never ever mention the money when you do so.

4. Have any important documents or information prepared for me if it’s required of you. If you don’t trust me enough to see your Information then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. If I cannot determine that you are not a form of oppressive puritan society then I cannot visit with you because I take a chance on meeting an undesirable client, a member of some kind of harassing government agency or a client who might mean harm.

5. DO NOT treat me like an item/object. I am a human being just like you and have feelings. Treat me as you would have someone treat you and you’re likely to make a life long friend and have a hell of a lot more fun.

7. Lastly, a nice gesture would be to leave a tip, even if it’s a minor amount. I like being told that you enjoyed your time with me and this gesture, if even $ or a nice gift or giftcard makes a world of difference.

Well, there you have it. I promise you if you follow these simple suggestions you will never have a problem contacting me, setting up an appointment, having a great first meeting or enjoying your new found friend. The memories which can be generated by your success in following these suggestions are golden. Do yourself a favor and play nice.


I glady accept Credit Cards – MC, VISA, or AE Gift Cards in lieu of cash, as well as Venmo. If you will be using Venmo, contact me to learn more. When visiting with me, please do not leave your donation until the end of our visit. I want to ensure that you had a pleasant visit before you offer any gifts.

Once you are established with me your donation rate will never change. I do not accept last minute appointments unless you are one of my “Special Friends”. After our first visit I’ll consider you to be one of my “Special Friends”.

Once you book an appointment with me, please be aware that if you cancel for whatever reason, you agree to send me a $150 Cancellation Fee.

I would love to join you for a bite to eat or a night out on the town

SOCIAL HOUR Each hour – $175 This time is reserved for those individuals who are seeking to spend more quality time with me in a more sociable setting and outside of the “office” which will allow us to get to know one another on a more intimate level or to calm those jitters you may have when meeting me for the first time. If you are a newbie who may be a bit shy or nervous then this option would be perfect for you. I will be happy to check your screening information at that time.

EROTIC NURU MASSAGES – Click here to learn more about Nuru Massage. (Best Butt Rub in the South!) To learn more about “MY” GFE NURU Massages, please visit my FAQ page. 1. NURU (gfe) 3 hours – $1050 – Super Duper Luxury Package (Lettin’ it all hang out) 2. NURU (gfe) 2.5 hours – $925 – Luxury Package (Let’s play hide the submarine!) 3. NURU (gfe) 2 hours – $775 (Warning: we may get dirty) 4. NURU (gfe) 1.5 hours – $650 (rub a dub dub, lots of love) Outcall Nuru Massage is available for an additional $50.






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