Nothing eloquent, smart or necessarily well grounded

Nothing eloquent, smart or necessarily well grounded

You have so much privilege that goes unnoticed it can become unintentional entitlement that I know many don’t want to have. and surf yoga or want to live the island life or get a condo and write Hawai’ian tiki mystery novels or something…islands are small! Each person takes space. I think the ultimate question to ask would be ‘How would I take up that space, what is that space I’m taking in the first place, and how would I truly (i.e. not in theory or through one perspective) bring something to that space that would contribute to the whole.’ And when I say the whole, I mean by the standard of the indigenous people whose land you are somehow allowed to come on whenever you want without permission–but shouldn’t… Maybe that’s could be a fair question to seek understanding for. You might find a good answer that leads you to move there into a space you can live and thrive in and bring life to, but then you’ll be doing it with motives that you are aware of and will make decisions and have perspective that will make you a good foreigner transplant!

Just ideas and feelings. But I would love to see more articles like this helping people get a more dimensional image /perception of what may be an ideal or limited picture. Definitely has been thought-provoking to read the article directed at a demographic considering or even already making plans; and then all of the comments I was able to…even though I didn’t think this article was relevant to the reason I found this site, it actually was along with other articles that indirectly kinda gave me the perspective I needed to hear about some questions I had. Mahalo Jeff!

Let’s remember that a culture based on entitlements, where others become obligated to you, even to learn your culture, is an unsustainable culture based in forced labor. The primarily ruling party in Hawaii is based on entitlements and forced labor – this is a top down problem, they teach kids in Hawaii and the mainland that people owe them all kinds of things, they teach the kids other citizens are their slaves, to work for them, to learn their violent culture – sorry this is wrong, it is the definition of human wrong.

History is fun to learn, history’s lesson is that entitlements are bad, slavery is bad, obligating others is bad. At least Hawaii is lucky enough to be part of the oldest and most sustainable nation on earth, despite all the bad stuff described in the comment. Hawaii can still reject cultural educational mandates and retain its diverse culture under liberty. Just need to shed the entitlements.

Imagine a Hawaii that embraced the opposite, liberty, the traditional American legal and cultural system

I don’t know where you got the “they teach the kids other citizens are their slaves, to work for them, to learn their violent culture” part but practically no one in Hawaii has been taught or believes that.

I guess I see a big difference between moving because you have rooted friends/family and have some investment in being an outsider in a new country/land but through the connection with those roots and those who want to expose their kids to the Aloha culture yay!

Oh I see, let me explain, there are many types of slaves, not even getting too deep here. My sense is you don’t pass around a cup for people to exclusively fund your schools voluntarily, people are how to get a installment loan in Indiana forced to. My sense is that if I employ someone in HI and they are have a pay rate of $20 an hour and they work 4 hours, they are going home with less than $80 and I am paying more than $80 in order to retain other freedoms, because I am forced to. In both cases I am forced to go and work even more to be able to retain my right to my literal self, my labor. I have seen HI tax bills, you do have taxes.

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