The seder is a Brooklyn affair, and its 100 or so seats always sell out

The seder is a Brooklyn affair, and its 100 or so seats always sell out

The scenes are straight, gay and everything in between, 120-plus of them a week, and 24-year-old Eric is there for every viewing

Kings County, BushwickAndrew Michael Ford curates a regular photography exhibit at this bar, and when he noticed he was getting several fetish-style submissions for every show, he decided the kinky stuff merited a spotlighta show of its own, startopening Saturday 19. Ford says he and co-curator Marisa Olney are planning sequels too, and he’ll be sexing-up his regular weekly events at the bar with burlesque and go-go dancing. In a more open-minded time, the fetish photographers “probably would have been snwrapped up by galleries in Manhattan somewhere,” says Ford. “But because there’s so few opportunities to show their work, they’re really eager to show [it here], even if it’s in a bar.” 286 Seigel St between Bogart and White Sts (718-418-8823)

KinkyJews’ Passover seder For four years now, Jews and goyim looking to spice up the holy week have turned to the Passover seder hosted by the KinkyJews, a group with more than 2,000 members in its online community. Here’s how it works: After a traditional seder meal-leavened with erotic storytelling-the tables are put away and mattresses come out for massages, sex play, S&M demonstrations and more. KJ founder and president Naomi D. shrugs off the annual criticism from her faith’s more conservative adherents. “If they did take part, they’d see that it’s done in the spirit of togetherness,” she says, adding that Passover is a good fit. “It just lends itself very well to themes of slavery and bondage.” kinkyjews

3rd Ward The erotic-photography class at design center 3rd Ward used to feature professional models brought in by the instructor, Chiun Kai Shih. But for recent sessions, students have had to find their own subjects. “The challenge is, how are you going to get somebody to put themselves in a compromising pose, get a little bit naked?,” says J. Perelmuter, the center’s education director. The weekly class, whose next session runs October 7 through November 4, culminates with a group show. 573 Metropolitan Ave between Lorimer and Union Aves, Williamsburg (718-715-4961, 3rdward)

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Bustpup Some would escort service Las Cruces call it a dream job. For Eric, who organizes porn screenings for Brooklyn’s Bustpup, it’s just a chance to get some reading done. Bustpup-which is basically a porn market-research company-finds audience members through word of mouth or, occasionally, on Craigslist, to watch unreleased half-hour scenes from sites like Backseat Bangers and College Fuckfest and rate them, at $25 a pop. The screenings take place either in the volunteers’ apartments or in Eric’s Crown Heights pad, and the producers use these sessions to decide what goes into their movies. “I will pay attention and watch some of them,” he says. “Other times I’ll have The New York Times in hand.” The questions they face range from the general to the very specific: “I’m told to tell people, ‘If you need to pleasure yourself at some point in the film, do it,’” says Eric. “One of the questions is, ‘At what point did you ejaculate?’” So are they taking sign-ups? “Nope,” Eric says. “I don’t want new people coming over to my apartment every day. I want the same people that I have grown friendships with. They get paid, we get paid, it all works out.”

Club Casbar Casbar, a sex club in the former Fetish Warehouse space adjacent to the Gowanus Expressway, got a New York Times write-up on February 25, but was shut down in April after undercover city inspectors said they saw “high-risk sexual activity” there. The club’s owner, Rudy C., tells TONY he has been lying low, but isn’t gone for good. “We are trying to work with the health department and the city to provide a safer environment for people who prefer this type of lifestyle,” says Rudy. A proposal for a new venue, complete with disease-awareness programs, is forthcoming. But the old spot-with its glory holes, tie-up cage and baked ziti buffet-is history. “They completely killed the scene [there],” gripes Rudy. “If you want to know, the nightlife in New York City is dead and has been for a long, long time. This has become a very boring city.” clubcasbar

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