Wishing you and me a lovely day -Senada

Wishing you and me a lovely day -Senada

I graduated from the HGSE TIE program in 2003 and have been pulling Media Lab tools into classes ever since. I enjoyed LCLv1 as it prompted me to reconnect to some of my favorite foundational texts and I’m excited to be part of LCLv2.

Hello! I’m Eric – I am a teacher and an organizational development consultant. I took the first part of this course and had a very positive experience. I also work with an international not for profit that teaches the creative process and teamwork to kids in a challenge based learning approach.

I try to live my life in as creative a way as I am able. I cook, play trumpet, and write.

Hello, I am Senada, currently living and working as a psychologist and clicnic mgmt assistant in Munich, Germany. I was part of the first LCL group, but had unfortunately little time back then to actively participate – hope, though, to be able to contribute and take part regularly this time (am normally still working when the online meeting takes place. ).Currently I am interested in learning more about creative learning, so that I can use the knowledge for further developing and creating new learning tools/platforms for online courses and trainings in the health sector. Serious games are too getting more and more interesting for me, as they wonderfully allow to merge fun, education, training, self-development and personal growth.So! Am looking forward to this adventure and yes! – would love to become friends (at FB e.g.) and to exchange ideas, impulses and inspiration!

Hi,I’m Andy from darmowe randki z fetyszem stóp Brighton. I teach economics in an international high school, Bellerbys College. I also volunteer at a local primary school to run a Code Club ( see ). Code Club is an initiative to introduce young children (about 9-11) to computational thinking and programming through projects. The first couple of terms are based on Scratch. I completed LCL1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m now looking forward to the new all singing and dancing LCL2!

Hi AnaNice to see you around again. Congratulations to your little boy. And you really were our mum in Barcelona, it was a really, really nice conference with really nice people.

Hi Anders!

!! Thanks! Was great to have you all in BCN. Lets try to make Boston this year! So nice to hear from you!

Hello, my name is James. I have yet to explore Lego WeDo or Pico, but I am still enjoying Scratch, MaKey MaKey, and TurtleArt. The biggest and most valuable takeaway for me from LCL was how it changed and enhanced my perception of creative learning.

I am an artist and a tinkerer. I enjoy creating, sharing, and perusing digital art, paintings, photography, fractal images, a wide range of other visual arts, music of varying genre, haiku, other poetry forms, fiction, nonfiction, humor, amateur video games, collages, and basically anything arts and crafts. I am also learning about Arduino, RaspPi, 3D printing, laser cutting, metalworking, woodworking, and whatever else I can dive into. I am multimodal and enjoy learning from collaborative workshops at my local Makerspace, books, YouTube/Vimeo tutorials, digital DIY guide, MOOCs, or whatever else I get my hands on. This leads me to awesome adventures such as LCL.

I’m also here as a parent of learners and because I would like to help develop future educational technologies with creative learning in mind.

I loved the last LCL, and am excited about LCL2

I was just thinking about you, Learning Creating Learning and wondering how you’ve been doing. Since we last met I engaged in body aching exploration of low tech making, especially with wool felting. I can kick out a pretty sweet beret in a couple of hours now. Also exploring non violent communication, the work of Marshall Rosenberg. Looking forward to the course, although I really would prefer a physical community with shared meals to a virtual community.






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