XDating Review — We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This

XDating Review — We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This

XDating Review Results

Online dating can be a fun and innovative way to meet like minded people. Just avoid the absolute bottom-feeders, like xDating, and you will be fine.

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  • First ever review we’ve done in which we found nothing positive to say about a site. (Although, they do use proper grammar in their terms and conditions section – there, at least one good point so we don’t seem too evil during this xdating review.)
  • Expensive
  • Full (and we mean FULL of fake profiles)
  • Gives dating sites a bad name

Online dating sites come in many varieties. Some serve those seeking long-term romance, others focus on those seeking casual “fun.” Some are inexpensive, others are pricey. Some offer excellent matchmaking results, while others do their best, but fall short, in playing cupid. It would be safe to say that 90 percent of the established dating sites offer some semblance of value to their members. This is true even when they do not meet all of a user’s expectations. It is one thing to stumble upon a dating site that is not suitable for you, and quite a different thing to find one that is, for all practical purposes, a farce.

That is the best way to describe those remaining 10 percent of dating sites that simply have no saving grace – they are a farce. Even though they are not violating the letter of the law in terms of deceptive practices – they still manage to offer the absolute worst value and user experience to their members. Their entire business model relies solely on feasting off the need for love or lust of others while giving them nothing in return.

Yes, these dating sites are the leeches of the industry. They are the foul smelling rotting masses of rancid fakery and deceit that give the top 90 percent of dating sites an undeserved bad name. They would rather spend heavily on marketing and conniving corporate lawyers to craft their disclaimers and terms and conditions than to invest in matchmaking technology and algorithms.

High on our list for dating sites that fit this slimy and maggot-infested mold is xDating. Brace yourselves and read through the entirety of our xDating review. It will give you real insight on what to avoid on a dating site.

– Registering –

At first glance, xDating will look to most people like any other online dating site focused on hookups and casual encounters. The home page used to encourage registration provides visitors with plenty of pictures and profile blurbs of supposed members. These include a mixture of stunningly beautiful women, as well as more realistic pictures. In the upper right-hand corner you’ll find a simple registration box. All that is required to register is an email, your birth date and the selection of a password that you will use to access the site.

In our testing, we received an email requesting that we verify our registration by clicking on an attached link. Once we did so, we were official members of xDating.

– First Impression –

When we logged into xDating for the first time, it seemed like your average dating site. You had a listing of other member profiles that you could browse through. There was a search function that allowed you to conduct specific searches. You had access to your profile information so that you could add more detail to your own profile or upload pictures. There was nothing present that would surprise you for its innovation, but likewise, there was nothing present that would tip you off that you may be heading toward a bad experience. The only thing that might strike some people as odd, were the extremely high ratio of explicit and extremely provocative profile pictures from supposed female members.






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