You really have a pleasant families and you may become most satisfied ; Patrick said youhave your new auto ?

You really have a pleasant families and you may become most satisfied ; Patrick said youhave your new auto ?

We loved Bali and now we propose to come-back next a couple of years to consider our honeymoon

We’re today extremely hectic at work once more! And Mrs Meral is within Germny for careful. We remember both you and we treasured considerably.

THE TRAVELS WAS A LONG TIME TO COME BACK? BUT people ARRIVED EVENTUALLY;HERE their VERY COLD; 4 or 5 degres maximum.but we are delighted to locate us and the we sent a fax into financial for Ritra entreprise. Again thanks truly to suit your assist plus kindness. develop we did no error, whenever we performed, we apologize on their behalf.

Hello Rio!Herwe in Finland was autum and very quickly is snow coming and wintertime and could weather is coming. I need to remember travels for your counry in which was warm and good weather condition. I create a lot more after. Jussi

Delicious to listen away from you. All your family members was stunning! We now have shown quite a few pals our images of Bali. They all need come consult!

Joel and I spent a few days in Hong Kong directly after we kept you. I’ve connected a couple of photos. Hong-kong is extremely hot and humid–35 degrees daily. It does make you wanna return to the cool breezes in Ubud!

Really summer here in the usa. Where we live-in the condition of nj-new jersey really hot not hot. We have got numerous thunderstorms this week. But the garden is in complete bloom and it’s nice to sit down external to savor they.

Definitely we recall your household. You truly generated our visit to Bali unique and we thank you so much for letting you into the homes – say hello to yourwife, daughter and moms and dads from us.

We are now back The united kingdomt so we feel totally tired. It took us a day from leaving Bali to arrive straight back at the house. The full time in The united kingdomt is 8 several hours behind you (I write this email within my some time and Bali opportunity). We are discovering it tough to live in England times.

We have delivered some images from our event for you. Whenever we can we will contact one to collect united states through the airport. We shall furthermore tell any company likely to Bali in regards to you.

The season now could be known as the autumn months. We have 4 conditions in England – spring, summer time, fall and cold weather. Springtime and summer time are just like the dried out period and fall and cold weather include your own wet-season therefore we are now actually in a wet period but we really do not need as much rainfall whenever just cold weather condition.

Thank you so much for your pictures they’re beautiful

We have now showed up safer back the united kingdom. Whenever we got in to our (cold) appartment we right away unwrapped the photo away from you – we are really delighted along with it and now we think you are a very brilliant painter in addition to a tremendously moderate guy for not showing us a lot more of your own skills as soon as we had been along with you in Ubud area. We’re going to countrymatch send you a photo when we had the opportunity to hang they regarding the wall. Thank you for artwork as well as the guiding and relationship whenever comprise in Bali.

We also very a lot admire the decorating of Elisa along with her kids and also be thrilled to help you submit it to Elisa and Colin. But for now I think we ought to rest to recuperate from your long trip!

merry X-mas at both you and at your families!!more fortunate and happines!!your a lovely parents and more good-sized!!big hug from france.

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